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  • introduction

     MC1611 focuses on intelligent dimming application of high voltage linear constant current driver chip, the maximum input voltage can be up to 400V, suitable for driving high voltage and small current LED load.The application scheme has few external components and compact layout, which can be easily and flexibly applied to various small volume or flat LED products, without EMI problem, and shorten the development time of the project.MC1611 integrated PWM dimming function, dimming depth can be less than 1%;Integrated constant power regulation function;In order to save customers' overall BOM costs, MC1611 innovatively integrates high-voltage power supply circuit, which can be directly used to power MCU and intelligent modules.In order to prevent IC overheating damage, MC1611 integrated intelligent temperature control power, when the IC internal junction temperature rises to 130℃, MC1611 began to reduce the output current, when the junction temperature reaches 150℃, the output current will be reduced to 0.This avoids the flashing problem of traditional overtemperature protection.

  • performance

■ Working voltage range: 20V~400V 

■ Output current range value: 3-150MA

PWM dimming: the highest frequency is 100KHZ 

■ Built-in overheat protection circuit (OTP) 

■ Precision of output current ±5%

  • Schematic


  • application

●  LED燈絲燈

●  LED筒燈

●  LED球泡燈

●  LED感應燈