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  • introduction

       MC1053 is a LED linear constant-current driver chip, the current output range from 3 to 3000mA, the current value through the external resistance can constitute a complete LED constant-current driver circuit.The operating voltage range of the chip is 2.5~30V. 

      MC1053 built-in overheating protection function to avoid damage caused by overheating.

      MC1053 has PWM dimming function. The LED current can be adjusted by adding PWM signal at DIM foot.

  • performance

■ Working voltage range: 2.5V~30V 

■ Output current range value: 3-3000MA

PWM dimming: the highest frequency is 100KHZ 

■ Enter constant current mode with pressure difference 0.2

■ Default base level on power 

■ Built-in overheat protection circuit (OTP) 

■ Precision of output current ±5%

  • Schematic


  • application